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Vote Public Health Care

February 13, 2015

Make your vote count in 2015. Make a pledge to vote for the candidate who promises to support Public Health Care in the next federal election. Click on the following link to make the pledge:

Vote Public Health Care.

BC scores well on Conference Board health status report card

February 12, 2015

The following article compares the health status of residents in Canada, its provinces and territories, and 15 peer countries based on the following 10 report card indicators:
life expectancy, premature mortality, infant mortality, self-reported health status, mortality due to cancer, mortality due to heart disease and stroke, mortality due to respiratory disease, mortality due to diabetes, mortality due to diseases of the nervous system, and suicides.

“B.C. is the top-placing province, scoring an “A” on the health report card and ranking third overall, after Switzerland and Sweden.”

To read the full article, click on the following link:

Health – Provincial and Territorial Ranking – How Canada Performs.
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Universal Healthcare: The Affordable Dream

February 11, 2015

Universal healthcare is often presented as an idealistic goal that remains out of reach for all but the richest nations. That’s not the case, writes Amartya Sen. Click on the following link to see what is being achieved worldwide:

Universal healthcare: the affordable dream | Society | The Guardian.

“There is, thus, plenty of evidence that not only does universal healthcare powerfully enhance the health of people, its rewards go well beyond health. There is, indeed, a strong relationship between health and economic performance, and we have every reason to base public policy on a proper understanding of the nature and reach of what is clearly a positive interdependence. There is no mystery in all this given the centrality of health for better lives and for enhancing human capabilities.”


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SOHC Discussion Paper

Developing an Improved and Sustainable Health Care Model for Princeton, B.C
Support Our Health Care has released a discussion paper in order to get feedback from the community, politicians and professionals about the state of local healthcare and what the long term solutions should be.
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