Candidates’ Views on Health Care


Members of SOHC Executive recently interviewed the following candidates running in the upcoming federal election in the Central Okanagan-Similkameen-Nicola riding:

Angelique Wood – NDP
Karley Scott – Liberal
Dan Albas – Conservative

We were unable to arrange an interview with Green Party candidate, Robert Mellalieu.

The candidates were asked to respond to the following health care issues:

  • national pharmacare
  • a national strategy on senior’s care
  • the proliferation of private for-profit health care services
  • access to services for people living in rural/remote areas of the province
  • eradication of poverty
  • renegotiation of a national health accord
  • federal leadership in public healthcare

To read a summary of their views, click on the following link:

pdf Healthcare info from candidates

Canada needs a National Drug Plan

The following information is from the Campaign for National Drug Coverage website:

The idea of national drug coverage, or pharmacare, has been getting a lot of attention across Canada lately. More and more people are calling for a national pharmacare strategy, including doctors, nurses, economists, as well as people in contract and service jobs who don’t have drug coverage.

These calls reflect a growing problem that affects everyone in Canada: we are paying too much for prescription drugs.

In fact, our current patchwork system of private and public drug plans means that we are paying some of the highest drug prices in the world. Prescription medications cost on average 30% more in Canada than in other industrialized countries.

Why isn’t this a federal election issue? Please go to the following website and add your name to the growing number of Canadians demanding action on this important issue: Take Action