Message from MLA Jackie Tegart at Public Health Care Rally

The following statement from Jackie Tegart was read to Rally participants by former Area H Regional Director, Brad Hope.

Good morning to everyone. First, thank you so much to Ed Staples and the Support Our Health Care Society for providing me the opportunity to send a message to you today. I am sorry that I am unable to be at this important community rally with you in person due to other commitments, however, I am with you in spirit!

It is necessary for all of us to recognize and appreciate the good work being done on your behalf by Support Our Health Care, a local grassroots organization that has been both innovative and respectful.

The Support Our Health Care Society has evolved into a vital community leader in the promotion of improved health care, not only here in Princeton, but in small rural communities from the Kootenays to Ashcroft.

So, thank you to SOHC for their ongoing work, and thank you to every person that works providing health care services. It is vitally important work!

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to emphasize our government’s firm commitment to maintaining public health care in our province.

Over the next two years, spending by the Ministry of Health will increase by more than $1 billion.

This will bring total health-care spending in B.C. to $18.47 billion – about 42 per cent of all government spending.

Health care is an integral part of a healthy community, but hospitals are only a small part of overall health care.

Prevention and wellness are vital components that the B.C. government fully supports, because we know that a healthy population reduces the burden on taxpayers and contributes to the quality of life for individuals and families.

Ladies and gentlemen, our government understands the challenges of rural health care, including the challenges of recruiting and retaining doctors.

We hear your concerns, and we are working very hard to address them. It is my pledge to you that we will not let you down.

Thank you.

Jackie Tegart, MLA

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