Services will be maintained as Arbor House closes

Interior Health recently received notice from the owner of the building known locally as Arbor House that the building has been sold and the Anchorage Clubhouse used by various community support groups need to vacate by January 31, 2016. In an interview with local media held on January 12, Interior Health indicated that they are doing what they need to do to meet that deadline.

To address concerns raised by members of the community, IH issued the following statement: “While we may not have a physical Clubhouse site as of February 1st, we are committed to continuing to provide services to the clients who would normally attend the site. Our clubhouse coordinator remains in place to support clients, as do all of our clinicians.”

In order to address the loss of the site, IH has reached out to community partners to seek out ways they can provide the Clubhouse services together. They “have no firm plans or agreements at this time.” More information is expected in the near future.

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