Princeton Healthcare Community Consultation

Community Consultation 1

On February 16, Support Our Health Care (SOHC) held its second Princeton Healthcare Community Consultation at Riverside Community Centre. Over 40 community representatives attended the event, providing their perceptions on the present state of health care in our community. The goal of the Consultation was to collect data to direct future improvements to Princeton’s model of health care.

The first Healthcare Community Consultation was held in January, 2013 and was conducted by Dr. Barbara Pesut and a team of researchers from UBC Okanagan. The data collected at that event led to the development of the first SOHC Action Plan and the formation of the Princeton Health Care Steering Committee, now in its third year of operation.

The structure of this consultation employed a research based model that was conducted by a team of five facilitators and five recorders. Participants responded to specific questions in three discussion areas: Areas of Strength, Areas Needing Improvement, and Ideas for Change.

A Summary Report of the Consultation has been made public and can be accessed through the following link:

Princeton Healthcare Community Consultation February 2016

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