Ban “blood for profit” in BC

The following information is from the BC Health Coalition website

A private company is going to move to B.C. and profit from our blood unless we stop them now.

Tainted blood infected 30,000 Canadians with HIV and Hepatitis C in the 1980’s during one of the worst preventable health crises of our time. An inquiry into the scandal found that in order to prevent another tragedy, Canada must not allow payment for blood and plasma donations.

But now Canadian Plasma Resources — the same company that was kicked out of Ontario after setting up a pay-for-plasma clinic near a homeless shelter and drug treatment centre — plans to set up shop in B.C. They want to buy our plasma and export it to be sold on the $11 billion plasma world market.

Shockingly, this week Health Minister Terry Lake said he’s open to pay-for-plasma in our province. Banning the sale of plasma is the only way to protect our blood system from predatory profiteers. Ontario and Quebec have both banned selling blood and plasma, and there are signs this week that Alberta will likely do the same.

For more information and to send a message to BC Health Minister Terry Lake, please visit the BC Health Coalition website:

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