Blood Money: Pay for Plasma clinic opens in Saskatoon

After a failed attempt by Canadian Plasma Resources to open a pay-for-plasma clinic in Ontario, the province of Saskatchewan has allowed the company to open a clinic in Saskatoon. The following excerpts are from three articles on this controversial decision by the Saskatchewan government.

    From a CBC News story by Kelly Crowe (Posted Apr 26, 2016):

Canadian Blood Services, the agency that oversees the national supply of blood and blood products, says it wants to collect more plasma from Canadians, and CEO Graham Sher won’t rule out the contentious possibility of paying donors.

Although Sher said he would prefer to expand plasma collection using voluntary donors, he said it’s not clear whether that would generate enough volume.

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CBC article by Kelley Crowe

    The Ontario Public Service Employees Union offers this viewpoint:

The Ontario Public Service Employees Union is calling for the resignation of Canadian Blood Services CEO Dr. Graham Sher. The call comes after media reports revealed that CBS won’t rule out paying Canadians for plasma donations.
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OPSEU’s President also challenged Sher’s argument that CBS needs to collect more plasma to meet the increasing demand for blood plasma products.

“Four years ago, CBS closed down the public plasma collection facility in Thunder Bay precisely because the demand for plasma was falling,” Thomas. “There is no shortage of plasma in Canada.”

The full article:
OPSEU article

    The following is from an opinion piece by Heather Mallick, Toronto Star Columnist, Published on Tue Apr 26 2016

What do you want from me, my blood? Well yes, now that you mention it. If you’re feeling a bit flush with the stuff, do spill us some. Here’s $25 for your trouble.
And this is how it might be, although I profoundly hope it won’t. Canadian Blood Services, the national agency that oversees blood and blood products, won’t rule out allowing the paying of donors, the CBC’s Kelly Crowe reports. The practice has already begun in Saskatoon. A private company called Canadian Plasma Resources is placing ads in University of Saskatchewan bathrooms (where one has time to stand and stare, presumably) and its bleak clinic is near places where the poor are offered services, she writes.

The full article:
Toronto Star article

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