Chinese Firm Approved to Takeover Long Term Care Homes in BC

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau keen on trade; but quiet on risks. Photo by Adam Scotti, PMO.

The following quote is taken from a February 27 article in The Tyee by Scott Sinclair and Stuart Trew:

“In the eagerness to portray Canada as open for business and to lock in binding foreign investor rights, we must ask who is looking after the interests of vulnerable groups such as seniors, employees in the private health care sector, or indeed the Canadian taxpayer? A publicly financed, not-for-profit solution to the rising demand for long-term care is by far the better option. It would create high-quality care, decent-paying jobs and benefit from greater accountability.”

To read the full article, click the following link:

Tyee article on Anbang Deal

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