What about family members of a patient?

In response to the Discussion Paper . . .
Having been there with Bob, I have to say that something that is not ever addressed is the horrendous cost of accommodation and food for the supporting family member who is forced to travel great distances to be with the patient in hospital.  Also, due to the distances involved, the family member must stop working during the time their loved one is in hospital so they can be by their side.  If the loved one was in a local hospital, the family member could continue to work and visit when it was more convenient.  For Bob and I, it meant closing down our entire business leaving us with no income at all while Bob was in hospital.  It is a proven fact that patients recover quicker and better when they have a family member there for support and comfort.  Physicians do not recommend leaving a patient alone in a hospital without any family support nearby.  Family support for anyone who lives in this area means a great financial burden given the unacceptable distances involved.
Congratulations on a job well done. Let’s just hope someone pays attention to it and gets some action done.
Diane Sterne

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