Princeton Healthcare Community Consultation

On January 29, the Town of Princeton, Area H (RDOS), Interior Health Authority, University of British Columbia-Okanagan and Save Our Hospital Coalition will be holding a Community Healthcare Consultation. The purpose for this workshop is to identify challenges facing healthcare in Princeton and Area and to provide information that may be used in the development of an improved healthcare model for our community.

Please note that this is not a public forum. However, if you would like your voice to be heard, please contact any community leader to have them bring your comments or concerns forward. Over 50 community stakeholders from Princeton and Area have been invited to attend this consultation. For the name of a representative that you could contact, please email Ed Staples at or call him at 250-295-08222.

The consultation will be conducted by Dr. Barbara Pesut from UBC Okanagan, who will facilitate the process. Dr. Pesut has been involved in healthcare since 1982 and worked at Princeton General Hospital and Ridgewood Lodge for several years early in her career. She is presently Associate Professor in the School of Nursing at UBCO and holds a Canada Research Chair in Health, Ethics, and Diversity. Dr. Pesut’s current research looks at healthcare delivery models for end of life care in rural communities.

The data collected in this consultation will be analyzed by a team of researchers from UBC Okanagan who will prepare a report to be shared with the community following the consultation.

1 thought on “Princeton Healthcare Community Consultation

  1. To the SOHC;

    First and foremost I would like to have a list of the 50 stakeholders that will be attending this meeting and I would like to know if “Save Our Similkameen” is one of them, as they have worked tirelessly on this problem, without renumeration.

    Secondly why has this Coalition invited a third-party(Barb Pesut) to consult with when she is obviously not a stakeholder nor is she accountable to the citizens of this community in any way. Her expertise is in Palliative Care Nursing, what does that have to do with the problem that Princeton is facing with our Emergency room?

    Thirdly, why is this meeting by invitation only? Not even reporters of the local newspapers have been invited to attend. Obviously Princeton’s citizens cannot expect open and transparent discussion on this issue, when they have not been invited to attend and are only asked to send in any questions that they may have regarding the Hospital Emergency Room. Is this Coalition Perpetrating an information “class system” within this community?

    My last question to this Coalition is “Do you feel that this meeting and the somewhat closed environment in which it is being held, as Democratic?”

    Finally I have read over Your “Developing An Improved and Sustainable Health Care Model for Princeton, B.C.” It is Classic “local Agenda 21 at work to me”. I can honestly say I am not impressed!!! Of course that is only my opinion.

    Elizabeth Henderson

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