The Year in Review (2012-13)

October 24, 2013


October 3
first SOHC AGM held at Riverside

October 15
Princeton ER Sustainability Steering Committee – SOHC is represented for the first time on this committee

October 20
SOHC Executive strategic planning session held – Robin Thomas, facilitator

SOHC becomes member of the BC Health Coalition and is invited to sit on their Elections 2013 work group

November 14
Ed Staples makes presentation on health care at Alex Atamanenko public forum – Legion Hall

November 19
monthly meeting of the Princeton ER Sustainability Steering Committee

November 23
first meeting of Community Consultation organization committee – Barb Pesut, Susan Brown, Nienke Klaver, Ed Staples

December 10
BC Health Coalition Public Forum on Seniors Care at Maritime Labour Centre in Vancouver – met Gloria Levi, coordinator of Integrated Care Advocacy
ER Sustainability Steering Committee – teleconference from Vancouver

December 14
Community Consultation teleconference – planning meeting with Barb Pesut, Marilyn Harkness, Brad Hope, Nienke Klaver, Ed Staples

December 17
telephone conversation with Adam Lynes-Ford – BC Health Coalition, to discuss BC Ombudsperson’s report on seniors care

January 14
Community Consultation planning meeting – teleconference with Barb Pesut, Susan Brown, Marilyn Harkness, Brad Hope, Nienke Klaver, Ed Staples

January 21
ER Sustainability Committee meeting

January 29
Community Consultation at Riverside – 42 community stakeholders meet at Riverside to discuss challenges to Princeton’s health care system – Barb Pesut, facilitator

January 30
Community Consultation Focus Group meeting – follow up and media briefing

February 15
Community Consultation Summary prepared by Dr. Pesut and released to the public

SOHC Action Plan developed in response to Community Consultation Summary

February 18
Princeton ER Sustainability Steering Committee changes its name to Princeton Health Care Sustainability Committee

February 25
Gloria Levi presentation at Riverside – Integrated Care for Seniors

February 28
Princeton Health Care Action Framework – first meeting of the development committee at PGH – Valerie Tregillus, consultant

throughout the month, SOHC publishes responses to our questions from local candidates running in the provincial election

March 5
SOHC Executive decides to change its name from Save Our Hospital Coalition to Support Our Health Care – the decision is based on recommendations received from Community Consultation; SOHC feels that the new name better reflects their present efforts

March 6
Okanagan Similkameen Healthy Living Coalition – Brad Hope, Nienke Klaver, and Ed Staples attend meeting with Dr. Gerry Karr and Betty Brown at RDOS office in Penticton
March 18
2nd meeting of the Action Framework development committee at PGH – first draft of the Action Framework is presented by Valerie Tregillus; discussed by committee; changes and additions made
SOHC presentation to Princeton Town Council – official name change from Save Our Hospital Coalition to Support Our Health Care, update on SOHC activities and presentation of SOHC Action Framework

April 8
meeting with Janice Perino (South Okanangan Similkameen Hospital Foundation) to discuss funding support

April 15
3rd meeting of Action Framework development committee – 2nd draft presented and discussed

May 8
South Okanagan Healthy Communities Forum, Osoyoos – June Hope represents SOHC

May 27
4th meeting of Action Framework development committee – 3rd draft presented and discussed

June 21
5th meeting of Action Framework development committee – final draft presented for approval – discussion results in further changes and revisions – extra meeting called for July 3

June 28
SOHC meeting with Jackie Tegart, our newly elected MLA at Riverside – Brad Hope, June Hope, Ole Juul, Nienke Klaver, Ed Staples

July 3
final meeting of Action Framework development committee – final draft presented and approved – to be sent to RDOS, Town of Princeton, and IHA for endorsements

July 4
IHA endorses Action Framework
SOHC meets to discuss Action Framework – unanimously endorses the document

July 15
SOHC receives team building grant from RHSRNbc to work with Dr. Barb Pesut of UBCO to develop a research project on chronic illness with Princeton as the research community

August 16
meeting with Jackie Tegart, MLA Fraser Nicola and Donna Barnett, MLA Cariboo Chilcoten – attendede by Lilly Zekanovic, constituency assistant to Alex Atamanenko, Kim Maynard, Brad Hope, June Hope, Angelique Wood, Ole Juul, Nienke Klaver, Ed Staples

August 20
organizational meeting of Princeton Health Care Steering Committee at PGH

September 5
teleconference meeting with Susan Brown, Dr. Adams, Dr. Bell to discuss transportation concerns

September 10
organizational meeting of the Princeton-UBC research team – chronic illness and end of life care in Princeton

September 12
transportation concerns meeting – Dr. Adams, Lynn Pelly, Brad Hope, Marilyn Harkness, Ed Staples, Nienke Klaver – held at Vermilion Medical Clinic

September 17
1st full meeting of the Princeton Health Care Steering Committee at PGH – announcement made that ER will return to 24/7 mode on October 11

September 25
presentation to BC Standing Committee on Finance – Merritt

October 1
teleconference with BC Health Coalition – discussion re: the illegal practices of Dr. Day and the Cambie Clinic in Vancouver and Dr. Day’s legal challenge to Canada Health Act

October 7
Canada Health Accord workshop in Kamloops – presented by Doctors for Medicare and CUPE

October 10
Healthy Communities meeting with Gerry Karr and Betty Brown
Health Care Celebration – Riverside

October 15
Health Care Steering Committee – PGH – 2nd meeting

October 16
BC Healthy Communities webinar

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