Everyone Has A Stake

The community of Princeton and Area H is indebted to Dr. Barbara Pesut of UBC Okanagan for her involvement in the Community Consultation held on January 29 at Riverside Community Centre. Dr. Pesut is a nationally recognized researcher and her generous offer to assist us in our efforts is very much appreciated. Dr. Pesut has extensive experience that began with several years at Princeton General Hospital and Ridgewood Lodge. She feels a connection to our community and this may have been part of the reason why she offered her services to us. For more information on Dr.Pesut, including a list of her current research and recent publications, visit http://www.ubc.ca/okanagan/nursing/Faculty/bpesut.html

The Community Consultation followed a research-based process whose planning required pre-knowledge of the number of participants which explains why it was by invitation only. This also satisfied the requirements built into the consultation process.

These requirements were discussed and approved by the organizing committee with the endorsement of Dr. Pesut. Based on the response to our invitation, the committee set the maximum number of participants that could be accommodated at 40. Any more than 40 would have taxed available resources, i.e. the number of researchers, facilitators, and recorders needed to complete the process.

Following the Consultation, on January 30, members of the committee gave a news briefing to local media. This resulted in coverage by CBC Radio, CHBC Television, and our two local papers, the Similkameen Spotlight and the Similkameen News Leader. For reasons of confidentiality and research protocol, Dr. Pesut had asked that media not be present at the Consultation itself. Having media present during the data collection process could have affected participants’ responses and tainted the results. All media members respected our wishes.

SOHC recognizes that everyone has a stake in our community healthcare and that’s why we have provided several opportunities for individuals to share their views and make comments over the past several months.

On June 22, 2012, we organized a Public Forum on Healthcare which was well attended by community residents. We also have a website where members of the community can post their comments and stories. We also gave everyone the opportunity to present their views at the Community Consultation through the organizations that were included. It is SOHC’s intention to continue working in cooperation with the community to address our healthcare issues and eventually develop an improved and sustainable healthcare model for Princeton and Area. We invite anyone interested to read our Discussion Paper and we welcome your comments. To contact us please click on the “About us” link at the top of our webpage.

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