SOHC is still SOHC

SOHC has decided to change its name. As of March 18, our new name will be Support Our Health Care instead of Save Our Hospital Coalition.

Back in April of 2012, when we first started, we focused on the nighttime ER closures and were concerned that this was indicative of a hospital in decline. After eleven months working to improve healthcare in our community, we still support the need for 24/7 emergency service. We now realize, however, that this is only one component of a better healthcare system for everyone.

SOHC is still SOHC. Our new name retains the same acronym, as we move from a position of rescuing the past to supporting the future.  We realize that we need to envision a positive future and remain dedicated to the improvement of health care in Princeton and Area with Princeton General Hospital at its core. We have so many positive health care assets in our community. Please join us in support of the future we want.

Our website is being changed and will soon be available at The content will remain the same and during the changeover you will still be able to access SOHC using our old website name,

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