SOHC Revenue and Expenses

Although SOHC is not a registered society and therefore is not required to make its records public, the executive feels that others would nevertheless be interested in our finances.

Revenue and Expenses:
Click here to see a copy (pdf) of our balance sheet as of May 24, 2014.

Grants and Bursaries:
In June, 2013, SOHC/UBC Okanagan were awarded a $5000 team building grant from Rural Health Services Research Network of BC (RHSRNbc) to initiate research into chronic illness and end-of-life care in Princeton. The grant was the result of a collaboration between SOHC and Dr. Barbara Pesut. The funds have been distributed to Dr. Pesut who heads the research team. A full report of the disbursement of these funds will be available from RHSRNbc at the completion of this initiative.

In October 2012, SOHC received a $500 bursary from RHSRNbc to attend the Rural Health Services Research Conference in Kelowna. These funds paid the registration fees for two SOHC Executive members. Transportation, accommodation and meals were paid from personal funds. Again in April of this year, RHSRNbc provided a $650 bursary which paid for registration fees and one night accommodation for two SOHC Executive members to attend. All other expenses were paid from the members’ personal funds.

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