Public Forum on Medicare – June 4

About 60 Princeton and Area residents attended the Public Forum on Healthcare held at Riverside Community Centre on June 4. The event was organized by SOHC to provide the public with information on the legal challenge to Canada’s Public Health Care system brought about by Dr. Brian Day and the Cambie Street Surgical Clinic.

The three panelists were Dr. Duncan Etches (Canadian Doctors for Medicare), Rick Turner (Co-Chair of the BC Health Coalition) and Ed Staples (President of SOHC). The moderator for the evening was Brad Hope (Area H Regional Director).

From left to right: Ed Staples, Duncan Etches, Rick Turner, Brad Hope

Presentations included information on the history of Medicare, background to the constitutional legal challenge, and consequences for Canadians if Dr. Day wins his legal challenge. This case will go to trial in BC Supreme Court in September. SOHC will be following the case closely and will post future developments.

For more information, visit the following websites:

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