Public Opinion Works

You do not have to feel powerless. Public opinion does work. If you haven’t yet, please send a message to save our public-not-for-profit health care. Following is a message that just came in via Save Canada’s Medicare System:

(Citizens of British Columbia have sent over 1300 messages to the BC Government.)Thanks to our collective call for action, Minister of Health Terry Lake responded publicly about the resolution for the first time: “The priority of the Medical Services Commission, and the Ministry of Health, is to uphold the Medicare Protection Act and the benefits it safeguards for patients in this province. We expect and require these clinics to come into full compliance with the law. If that goal can be reached through an alternative process agreed to last month, we are willing to explore that with the other parties. If we are unable to reach an agreement through this process, we will go to the court for resolution. “ Receiving this statement shows us that Minister Lake is paying attention to the campaign.

If you would like to send your message to the BC Government, please go to:

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