SOHC AGM – Year in Review & Year Ahead

About twenty Princeton and Area residents gathered at Riverside Community Centre on November 5 for the SOHC Annual General Meeting. Following approval of the agenda, Nienke Klaver read the minutes from the 2013 AGM and June Hope presented the society’s year end financial statement. Amendments to our Constitution were presented and approved by the membership. Brad Hope conducted the election of the officers. The Executive Board for the 2014-15 term are President: Edward Staples, Vice President: Ole Juul, Secretary: Nienke Klaver, Treasurer: June Hope, and Directors: Judy Short, Lynn Wells, Spencer Coyne, and Bill Day.

Edward Staples thanked the membership for their support over the past year and presented a summary of the Year in Review and the Year Ahead. To view the AGM reports, click on any of the following:

Year End Financial Report: pdf SOHC Revenue and Expense

2013-14 Year in Review: pdf SOHC Year in Review – 2013-14

2014-15 Year Ahead: pdf SOHC 2014-15 Priorities


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