Trends in Canadian Health Care Spending

Canadian Institute for Health Information


The October 2014 report on National Health Expenditure Trends by the Canadian Institute for Health Information Health  reveals some interesting and sometimes surprising information. This annual report “provides an overview of how much has been spent on health care annually from 1975 to the present, who the money has been spent on, where it has been spent and where it has come from. It features comparative expenditure data at the provincial/territorial and international levels, as well as Canadian health spending trends.”

One of their key findings indicates that health care spending over the past year increased by 2.1 percent, down considerably from the 7 percent increase from 2000 to 2010. The other interesting finding is that, contrary to provincial and federal predictions, “population aging is not the primary reason health care costs are increasing. In fact, the share of public health dollars spent on Canadian seniors has not changed significantly over the past decade.”

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