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As part of its mandate to respond to suggestions, ideas, or concerns from Princeton and Area residents, the Health Care Steering Committee has set up the following email address:

Your feedback is valued and if a response is required, the Steering Committee will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Health Care Features Prominently in Government Budget Report

The BC Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services released their report to the public on November 14, 2013. The contents of the report are based on public hearings held throughout the province in September and October. (To see full report go to:

Support Our Health Care (SOHC) was one of 243 groups and individuals that made oral presentations to the committee. SOHC’s presentation was made by Ed Staples at the public hearing held in Merritt on September 15th. The complete presentation can be found on pages 227 – 230 of the transcript at the following link:

The following excerpts are from the report (bold typeface added for editorial emphasis):

In the areas of education and health, suggestions are made to address highest-need areas, such as services in rural-remote areas, and to explore innovations that may result in cost-savings to government. Specific suggestions are made to adopt new programs and policies that would alleviate skilled labour shortages, increase post-secondary opportunities, and enhance local health services. (page iii, Executive Summary)

BC’s healthcare system, the largest area of budgetary spending, received considerable attention during the five-week consultation period. Health professionals, local governments, business representatives, and community advocates presented ideas on how to enhance healthcare delivery, expand community services, and invest in new programs and infrastructure. Results from the online survey also affirmed the importance of healthcare services to British Columbians. When asked to spend one dollar in new funding across all government programs and services, the most common response was funding for healthcare. (page 29)

Rural healthcare services

“Funding is needed from BC health authorities to support the development and implementation of rural health care models that meet the individual needs of communities in rural-remote BC. There’s no point in having a model if there’s not the funding available to implement the changes. (Ed Staples, Support Our Health Care Society, Merritt public hearing)” (page 29)

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Physicians Give Canadian Government Low Marks

OTTAWA – The College of Family Physicians of Canada has released a report that gives the Conservative government low marks on its commitment to health care. Here are the problem areas, along with the college’s comments:

  • National immunization strategy: Coverage and schedules for routine immunizations “are not standard across the provinces and territories.”
  • National home-care: “Access to home care, the range of services available and costs of these services vary greatly depending on where we live.”
  • National poverty plan: “Currently, no national poverty program exists.”
  • Child and youth strategy: “Canada’s investment in early childhood development is one of the lowest among the OECD countries.”
  • National health strategy: “The lack of a plan results in a fragmented system with a lack of standards or unified vision.”
  • National health goals: Health goals for Canada established in 2005 “have neither evolved into a national strategy nor have resulted in measurable actions.”
  • Primary care supports: No support from the federal government “despite the fact that primary care is the backbone of the health-care system.”
  • Support for what is called a patient’s “medical home,” a concept which envisions a team-based approach to give a patient a “home” to go to for lifelong care: “The federal government has not dedicated funding or provided guidance for practices.”

Source: The College of Family Physicians of Canada

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Princeton Health Care Transportation Brochure

Princeton Health Care Transportation brochure provides information for Princeton residents who require transportation assistance to get to a medical appointment in town. Simply call 250-295-6666 between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.  The following link will show you the full brochure.

Princeton Health Care Transportation brochure

Paper copies are available at the following locations:

Community Services
Seniors Centre
Town Office
Cascade Medical Clinic
Princeton Medical Clinic
Similkameen Spotlight Office
Similkameen News Leader Office