Connect Hearing offering free hearing tests in Princeton

SOHC is pleased to announce that the Penticton office of Connect Hearing will be coming to Princeton on Friday, January 30 to offer free hearing tests. The consultations will take place at Princeton and District Community Services office at 47 Harold Street. Princeton and Area residents can make an appointment by calling 250-493-3277.

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Connect Hearing brochure

National Pharmacare Plan: Win-Win for Canadians

The following article is a December 3, 2014 News Release from Canadian Doctors for Medicare.

OTTAWA—Implementing the first phases of a national pharmacare program would significantly lower costs to the taxpayer, while improving health outcomes and access to care, says a report released today by Canadian Doctors for Medicare (CDM) and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA).

Canada is the only country in the world that has a universal health care plan that doesn’t include pharmacare. Canadians pay more for pharmaceuticals than almost any country in the world, with average drug prices 30% above the OECD average. As a result, Canadians paid $33 billion for prescription drugs in 2012. The report reviews research detailing the financial and social impacts of national pharmacare implementation abroad, and shifts in policy in Canada. It finds that implementing pharmacare for at least the 80 most commonly prescribed generic drugs would save governments almost a quarter of a billion dollars annually, while allowing everyone who needs those medicines to access them at little or no cost. Continue reading

Warehousing Seniors Wasteful Use of Public Health Care Funding

Dr. Christopher Simpson, chief of cardiology at Kingston General Hospital, calls on all levels of government to rethink our public health care system.

As Elizabeth Payne points out in her article in the Ottawa Citizen, we are warehousing seniors with chronic illness in hospital beds at $1000 a day. Home care costs $55 a day. If our provincial government would fund programs such as Better at Home (presently funded by United Way), the Ministry of Health could save as much as $945 a day for every senior presently occupying a hospital bed.

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Could new approach to seniors save Canada’s health-care system? Top doctor says yes | Ottawa Citizen.