The Time has Come for a National Pharmacare Plan


Nobody should be forced to choose between paying for groceries and paying for the medication they need.

Send a message to your Member of Parliament. Ask them to support establishing a universal national prescription medication system to provide coverage for everyone in Canada—regardless of their income, age, or where they work or live.

It only will take a few seconds out of your busy day.

You can also find out: 1. how many Canadians support a National Pharmacare plan and 2. why pharmacare makes economic sense, as well as other answers to your question.

OK, the answer to the first question is: 91% of Canadians


Our AGM was held on January 20, 2019. The following people were elected to the 2019 Board of Directors:

President – Ed Staples
Vice President – Bill Day
Secretary – Nienke Klaver
Treasurer – Jon Bartlett
Directors – Lynn Wells, Rika Reubsaat, and Frank Turner 

SOHC 2019 Board

A few highlights from ‘Our Year in Review’

Research Projects:

  • SOHC participated in a research study exploring community level recruitment and retention of health professionals in rural BC communities. This research is part of the Rural Evidence Review project at UBC Vancouver and involved several communities in the BC Rural Health Network.
  • Kathy Rush and Michael Chiasson (UBCO researchers) shared a Summary of Findings and Key Activities from the research they conducting into theEntrepreneurial Activities of Citizen-Led Coalitions in Supporting Rural Older Adults in Healthcare. SOHC was one of the participants in this research project.
  • Members of the SOHC Executive attended the Rural Health Services Research Conference in Nelson, May 30 – June 1. Of great interest was the presentation by Jude Kornelsen on the Rural Catchment Project: Strengthening local evidence through a catchment methodology that outlined concerns about the organization of geopolitical areas that do not necessarily reflect the natural population catchments of rural communities
  •  In July, SOHC attended a Group Community Meeting at Princeton General Hospital as part of the BC Rural Site Visits Program conducted by the Rural Coordination Centre of BC. The purpose of the meeting was to gather information on the healthcare service challenges in our community.

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