Princeton Health Care Steering Committee

The Princeton Health Care Steering Committee (PHCSC) held its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, March 17 at Princeton General Hospital. The meeting was attended by representatives from Area H (RDOS), the Town of Princeton, hospital administration, health care practitioners, Interior Health, and SOHC.

In January, the PHCSC formed an Aesthetic Improvements Work Group to develop a more welcoming and healing space for patients, visitors, and staff in the health care buildings. The work group consists of local artists, Susan Delatour, Merrilyn Huycke, Nienke Klaver, and Ed Staples.

Following a tour of the facilities, the work group prepared a report that was presented to the Steering Committee. The report, entitled Princeton Art for Health, makes several recommendations, including the installation of artwork in various locations inside and outside Princeton General Hospital and Cascade Medical Centre.

The Princeton Access to Specialists program continues to provide local residents with access to specialist medical appointments at Princeton General Hospital. However, there are still some people who are required to travel to Pentiction or Kelowna for specialist services that are not yet available locally. Judy Short and Cherie Whittaker are working with Princeton and District Community Services to put together a list of volunteer drivers to provide transportation for people in our community who may need a ride to a medical appointment. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer driver you can contact Judy Short (250-295-0217) or Community Services (250-295-6666) for more information.

Marilyn Harkness informed the Steering Committee that on Monday, April 20, Betty Brown will be making a presentation to the Princeton Town Council providing a follow-up to the Partnership Agreement between the Okanagan Similkameen Healthy Living Coalition (OSHLC) and the Town Council. Harkness and Brown are members of the
OSHLC and have been working collaboratively to promote healthy living in our community. Lori Motluk and Susan Brown will also be attending the meeting providing Council with an update on Interior Health Acute and Community Integrated Health Services.

For more information on the Princeton Health Care Steering Committee, visit their website at

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