National Medicare Week in Canada

The following article is from the Canadian Health Coalition newsletter.

National Medicare Week (November 29 – December 5, 2015) is an important moment to celebrate our public health care system that is the pride of our nation. It is also a crucial time to focus on our vision for public health care moving forward.

With the recent commitment of our Prime Minister to work with the provinces to negotiate a new health accord there is great work ahead of us. Our movement will push to ensure this agreement will adequately protect our health care system from ongoing threats of privatization and international trade deals, while also including measures to provide a National Drug Plan and a National Strategy for Seniors Care that are essential to caring for everyone
in Canada.

This week health care advocates from coast to coast to coast will pull together to send a strong message to our newly elected government that we expect strong action to preserve and expand our public health care system.

To find out how you can take action in support of Canada’s public health care system, please visit the Canadian Health Coalition website at:

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