Canada Health Accord to Expire

Canada is facing an important next step in our Medicare history. The 10-Year Health Accord between the federal and provincial governments that sets terms for health care funding and priorities is going to expire next year. This summer in Niagara-on-the-Lake, all the provincial and territorial premiers from across Canada will get together for the last “Council of the Federation” meeting before the Accord elapses. Representatives from the Canadian Health Coalition, provincial Health Coalitions, the Council of Canadians and many others will be attending the meeting July 24-25 to voice the peoples’ call for a renewed commitment to Medicare in Canada. Here’s how you can add your voice: Speak out for public health care by sharing your medicare story … With less than one year left to negotiate a 2014 Health Accord, your voice is more important than ever. Take a few minutes to tell your health care story, and send a powerful message to our elected representatives. Use your video camera or webcam and tell us about a great experience you or your patients had with public health care and why we need to protect it. Tell us about difficulties you or your patients had getting care and why we need to strengthen medicare. Tell us about gaps in the current system where we need to expand health care. Then e-mail your video to the Council of Canadians’ YouTube channel. Together, we can make sure politicians negotiating a new health care accord know how important good public care is to Canadians. Visit website for more information and to watch other videos.

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