Presentation on Seniors’ Care

On Monday, February 25th a small but appreciative audience attended a presentation on seniors care in our community. The first speaker was Lynn Pelly, Executive Director of Princeton Community Services Society. She gave a comprehensive report on the wide range of services provided by her organization. She explained that many of these services are under contract with the Interior Health Authority and are administered by a paid staff, supported by many volunteers. It was made clear that these important services are available as a result of government funding and that recent cutbacks have limited the scope of several services that the Society offers.

The second speaker was Gloria Levi, seniors advocate and coordinator of Integrated Care Advocacy. As Gloria explained, “integrated care” refers to the need to provide comprehensive medical and non-medical home health care that considers every aspect of a person’s well being. She pointed out that integrated care is not only what seniors want, it is also the most effective and cost efficient way to provide care; “it’s the best way to get a bang for your health care buck.”

Assisting Gloria with her presentation was Dr. Marianne Rev, a retired physician with extensive geriatric experience. She gave several examples of seniors care that follow an integrated care model, including seniors care in Denmark where every senior from age 75 receives an annual assessment to determine the care they need to live healthy and productive lives. Marianne was impressed with the range of services available in our community and congratulated Lynn Pelly and Community Services on the work that they are doing.

Throughout the presentation, the audience was given the opportunity to share their experiences and ask questions of the various speakers.

Support Our Health Care (SOHC) would like to thank Lynn Pelly, Marianne Lev, and Gloria Levi for giving freely of their time and sharing their vision of care for the seniors in our community. SOHC would also like to thank the Interior Health Authority for their partnership in this presentation, providing financial assistance to pay for transportation costs and refreshments for the evening.

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