Brian Day Court Case Postponed

Here’s the latest information from the BC Health Coalition on the Brian Day court case:

-The number of potentially relevant documents provided by the Ministry of Health for review is likely around 100,000 or more. Many of these will be duplicates. The province estimates that they’ll need until August 2015 to go through the documents, identify which ones are relevant to the case, and then share them with the plaintiffs.

-Based on these timelines, the earliest possible estimated trial date is November 2015. The parties have agreed that they’ll make opening statements a few weeks before the trial starts.

-The province has found out that the clinics may have a very large number of documents that they did not disclose. The province is now going after those documents and may bring an application to the court to do so.

-As a result of the content of these new documents, the province will also be conducting more examinations for discovery – perhaps sometime in September or October.

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